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Épiphanie is a young activist and slammer who defends the rights of women and warns about the restriction of civic space in Chad. Credit : Sylvain Cherkaoui

We are together!

Do you believe in West Africa without poverty and injustice? Do you believe that poor and marginalized communities can decide for themselves what they need to change their lives and that the same can be demanded of their leaders? Are you looking for a movement of change committed to saying "Enough is enough!" And see women and young people enjoy equal rights and opportunities to make a living and participate in change? Do you think it is time to protect local producers from the invasion of low-quality foreign products that are even harmful to health?

Then you've come to the right place!

Be an actor for social change

Join the conversation and help us get the word out by liking, retweeting, sharing or commenting on one of our posts on Facebook or Twitter and helping create a stronger movement for change in the region.

Through our campaigns, we are changing attitudes, beliefs, and systems to make the world a fairer place for everyone in West Africa.

Every action is powerful - sign a petition, put pressure on big companies, parade through the streets of Dakar or Abuja. When we all speak together, West African leaders listen.

You can join campaigns specific to West Africa.

  • With My Milk is Local, you can sign the petition to ask ECOWAS leaders for concrete measures to protect West African milk production against imports of powdered milk and the impacts of climate change. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and relay our messages.
  • Join us to #SayEnough as we actively participate in Oxfam's global campaigns to end violence against women and girls.
  • We fight inequality through our campaign Even it Up, because our experience in the world’s poorest communities have taught us that poverty and inequality are not inevitable or accidental, but the result of deliberate policy choices. We can #FightInequality and #BeatPoverty.
  • Our Grow campaign brings us to fight against hunger and stand along with small-scale farmers to defend their land rights, and claim protection against the private sector’s unfair practices and climate change impacts.
  • West Africa has been hit hard by the consequences of these inequalities. Today in the Sahel, per capita carbon dioxide emissions are about six times lower than the global average. Yet Sahel temperatures are rising 1.5 times faster than the global average. Join our community of #ClimateChangers and play your part in confronting carbon inequality.

Some countries have their own national campaigns. For more information, visit our country pages in the section Where we are. 

Work with us

Find out about our latest work opportunities in West Africa, with Oxfam International Secretariat or with Oxfam affiliates

Join Oxfam, join the movement, be part of the change. We are together!