Our campaigns

1. Click on 'new draft' to edit this page.

2. Add the title 'Our Campaigns' on your correspondent language.

3. Please upload a good quality main image (following the size indications) that reflects this area of work.

4. Use this page to describe how you campaign in [COUNTRY] and briefly outline your specific campaigns e.g Inequality or Food and Climate Justice. Link from here to your indivisual campaign pages. Click here to access text editor guidelines in COMPAS.

5. Add summary image and text (no more than 20 words, a short and catchy sentence with no text in bold). This will be used as a teaser text whenever this page is promoted as a related item.

6. You can use the 'Related items' functionality on this page to feature your campaigns with a thumbnail and short summary intro. Just enter the title of each campaign in each related item field.

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8. Click to 'Save' after choosing the the publihing option.

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