E.g., 28.06.2022
E.g., 28.06.2022
Madam Adjoa Vida, Cocoa Farmer in Ghana
Oxfam has been in Ghana for over 3 decades and over this period, we have built trusted relationships, piloted innovative programmes that have been taken to scale and together with our partners made concrete changes to legislations, policies and budgets to contribute to a fairer Ghana. Through the...
Africa is facing a crisis of extreme inequality which is undermining growth, preventing poverty eradication and contributing to insecurity. The six richest African billionaires are now wealthier than the poorest 50% of Africans combined. This briefing paper shows that COVID-19 has deepened this...
Oxfam in West Africa launched its Climate Justice Strategy in 2020, to help strengthen the resilience of states and communities against climate change and move towards low carbon economies. This strategy is articulated around three objectives that focus our work on addressing the rights of women,...
Tantanon*cooking in the commune of Tori, neighborhood of Aklome in the south of Benin. Credit : Alokpa Kodjovi / Oxfam
While West African governments’ indifference towards inequality would be a tragedy at any time, it is more so during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is worsening inequality. In 2021, when COVID-19 infections are rising in West Africa, the critical support health and socioeconomic programmes put in...
Fatimata lives in a family with her mother-in-law, co-wife and 16 children.  Fatimata used to go from house to house, offering household services to local families. When COVID-19 struck, she was told to stay home and lost her income. Credit: Amadou Cisse/ Oxfam
In a new report released today by Oxfam, the Sahel region of West Africa is experiencing an alarming 67 percent increase in hunger, making it one of the most severe hunger crises in the world. Since Oxfam's last report "The Hunger Virus" in July 2020, the number of people in food crisis has passed...
Aguiratou Ouedraogo is a farmer and mother of 7 children in the village of Soubo, Burkina Faso. Credit: Samuel Turpin/ Oxfam
Le rapport « Sahel : Ce qui doit changer - Pour une nouvelle approche centrée sur les besoins des populations » se fonde sur une nouvelle analyse de données pour établir que les menaces contre les civils n'ont en fait cessé d'augmenter dans la région, malgré les efforts internationaux menés...
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West African women facing the Covid: 7 facts & solutions
West African women facing the Covid-19: discover 7 facts & solutions
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