Fixing Our Food

Debunking 10 myths about the global food system and what drives hunger

: Idrissa Ouedraogo is a farmer in the North Central region of Burkina Faso. His millet, maize and bean crops have dried up due to the lack of rainfall, and his animals no longer have anything to graze on. Credit: Cissé Amadou/ Oxfam
Paper publication date: 
Thursday 08 September 2022

We urgently need to rethink how the world feeds its people. Our unequal global food system is unsustainable for people and planet. In West Africa, we are currently facing the worst food crisis in a decade, with 27 million people going hungry. This number could rise to 38 million – an unprecedented level – unless urgent action is taken.

The world has the tools to anticipate and respond to this worsening hunger, yet continues to choose not to act with the speed and seriousness the crisis demands. This paper debunks 10 myths about our food system and provides an alternative framing that will lead to better outcomes for the long term. We must shift our current food system from an industrial, exploitative and extractive model to a local and sustainable one that contributes to climate resilience and realizes people’s right to food – one that reduces inequality and poverty.