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E.g., 24.10.2021
E.g., 24.10.2021
Because of COVID-19, Florence and her husband have lost their jobs and eat only corn paste. Credit: Alokpa Kodjovi/ Oxfam
Austerity, spiraling debt and vaccine inequity will bring the inequality crisis tolevels never reached before, reveals new index. West African governments are planning to “slash and burn” their way out of COVID-19 induced economic loss, reveals new analysis from Oxfam and Development Finance...
Werem Binta shows a plate with food. She receives food assistance from Oxfam in Burkina via cash transfers. Credit : Cissé Amadou / Oxfam
Worldwide, 11 people are likely dying every minute from hunger, outpacing COVID-19 fatalities. A new Oxfam report today says that the West African Sahel region –Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, and Senegal -is seeing a staggering 67% surge in hunger, continuing to be one of the...
Aminiata Diallo is a widow. She farms a plot in a collective farm. Rainfall has dropped significantly and her cereal fields no longer produce a good yield and do not suffice to feed her family. Credit : Samuel Turpin/ Oxfam
Only 26 hours of global military spending is enough to cover the $5.5 billion needed to help most at risk
Although Kadidiatou is a milk producer, she can't fulfill the needs of her children. Credit: Géry Barbot/Oxfam
On this World Food Day, we alert on the unprecedented food and nutritional challenges that continue to face West Africa at the end of the lean season.
516,000 personnes sont sinistrées suite aux inondations historiques au Niger
516,000 people affected by the historic floods in Niger.
African Women's Day: the solutions of 7 West African organizations to 7 realities lived by women in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis
To mark African Women's Day on July 31st, seven West African organizations highlight the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on women in West Africa and their realities, their thoughts and their solutions around 7 priority themes identified, by and for women in the region.
In the Sahel, the donor conference is postponed while 24 million people, an unprecedented number, already need urgent humanitarian aid.
Victorine fled the violence, lost her husband and is the head of a large family. Credit: Sylvain Cherkaoui / Oxfam
More than a million women and girls in Burkina Faso are facing increased sexual violence, hunger and water shortage as a result of the coronavirus pandemic on top of the existing conflict, said Oxfam today.
COVID-19: 50 million people threatened by hunger in West Africa
Oxfam in West Africa, April 21, 2020. COVID-19: 50 million people threatened by hunger in West Africa.
Women are busy finding water at the Pissila IDP site in Burkina Faso's Sanmatenga province. Credit: Sylvain Cherkaoui / Oxfam
February 20, 2020 – Following the recent launch of the new Humanitarian Response Plan in Burkina Faso, Oxfam is calling for the urgent mobilization of funds to respond to the pressing water, sanitation and hygiene needs of more than 1.9 million people.
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