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E.g., 29.06.2022
E.g., 29.06.2022
Photo taken in Bangui, Central African Republic. Photo credit : Adrienne Surprenant/ Oxfam
As the cost of essential goods rises faster than it has in decades, billionaires in the food and energy sectors are increasing their fortunes by $1 billion dollars every two days.
Inoussa Sawadogo is a farmer in the district of Kaya in Burkina Faso. Photo credit: Samuel Turpin/ Oxfam
Oxfam is urging West African states to double their investment in the agricultural sector to meet their 2014 target and to better support family farms and rural communities in order to break the cycle of hunger. The call comes amid the worst food and nutrition crisis in West Africa in a decade and...
New analysis by Oxfam finds that 13 out of the 15 IMF loan programs negotiated during the second year of the pandemic require new austerity measures such as taxes on food and fuel or spending cuts that could put vital public services at risk. The IMF is also encouraging six additional countries to...
Ramata is a herder in Burkina Faso. Because of the lack of rainfall, she has no food for her livestock.Credit photo: Gery Barbot/ Oxfam
An additional 11 million people could be pushed to hunger just over the next three months. West Africa is hit by its worst food crisis in a decade, with 27 million people going hungry. This number could rise to 38 million this June - a new historic level and already an increase by more than a third...
Fatima, IDP in the Sahel region of Burkina Faso. Credit: Cissé Amadou/ Oxfam
The military coup in Burkina Faso late January made headlines. The registration that same month of over 160,000 newly displaced Burkinabé, a near-record high figure, did not. The jump marks the second biggest monthly increase since the humanitarian crisis started in the country over three years ago...
17 February 2022 - In response to the announcement of the withdrawal of the Barkhane operation and the Takuba task forcefrom Mali, Oxfam's West Africa Regional Director, Assalama Dawalack Sidi said: "The announced withdrawal of French (and European) military forces from Mali is a terrible admission...
Idrissa Ouedraogo is a farmer in the central north region of Burkina Faso. Because of the lack of rainfall, his millet, maize and bean crops have dried up. Photo credit: Cissé Amadou/ Oxfam
African governments should boost funding for agriculture, address peace and security challenges, and do more to genuinely tackle inequality. African Union leaders face one of their most important summits (Feb 5-6) in launching a “year of nutrition” amid worsening levels of hunger and malnutrition...
Sanctions against Mali - Oxfam Country Director's Quote
A group of 13 NGOs are calling for the international community to protect the people of Mali, following the announcement of new sanctions against the country in response to the interim authorities’ decision to shelve the democratic elections promised for next month.
Photo de Christelle qui vend au marché de Bangassou, en République Centrafricaine. Credit : Adrienne Surprenant/ Oxfam
New billionaire minted every 26 hours, as inequality contributes to the death of one person every four seconds
Picture taken in a market in Bangassou. Credit : Adrienne Surprenant/ Oxfam
The number of Malians facing hunger has increased nearly threefold in one year, warns a coalition of 22 humanitarian organisations working in the country. The triple impacts of rising insecurity, droughts and Covid-19 have plunged a record number of 1.2 million people into a food crisis in 2021.
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