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E.g., 21.06.2021
E.g., 21.06.2021
West African governments are least engaged in reducing inequality in Africa
Oxfam in West Africa, July 9, 2019 – Oxfam in West Africa and Development Finance International are launching the first-ever Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index (CRII) regional report. The index measures, compares and ranks West African governments’ commitment on 3 pillars: public spending,...
Fatoumata, a women herder in Burkina Faso, fights daily against the effects of climate change and imports of milk powder which reduce the demand for her local milk. Credit: Pablo Tosco / Oxfam
Oxfam in West Africa, 3 July 2019. As massacres and violence intensify in the Sahel, so does the urgency of a response from the states of the region and the international community that prioritizes the fight against inequality.
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