active citizenship

Adam Dicko, activist, executive director of AJCAD-Mali and Sahel superhero. Credit: Sylvain Cherkaoui/ Oxfam
Adam Dicko has been a committed community activist from a very young age and is now the president of the Association des Jeunes pour la Citoyenneté Active et la Démocratie (AJCAD), which promotes democracy and active citizenship of young people in her country, Mali. Over the years, she has been...
Photo taken at one of the on-the-ground activities before the November 2020 presidential election. Credit: Coalition Agir contre les inégalités
In Burkina Faso, NGOs and activists have been fighting behind the scenes for years to reduce the glaring inequalities in the country, where 20% of the wealthiest people concentrate 44% of the revenues. And at last, their work seems to be paying off. On May 27, the Permanent Secretary of NGOs (SPONG...
Team from INGOs in some African countries visits Oxfam in Ghana
Oxfam in Ghana Country Programme has gone through different phases since its operations began in 1986. Over the past three decades, Oxfam has supported vulnerable communities to access education, health care, agricultural resources among others.
The Sahel superheroes: these African activists who fight against inequalities on a daily-basis.
In Mali, Niger and Chad, there is no shortage of adversities, but Kadiatou, Younoussi, Salim, Yasmine, Fousseyni and many other anonymous heroes demonstrate to us every day that we can face them.
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