Food Justice

Marie Noudjougoto speaks at a community awareness event in Paoua. Photo credit: Evy Biramocko/ Oxfam
Let's take a trip to Paoua, located in the north-western part of the Central African Republic (CAR), which is known as the grain and vegetable region of the country. For several years, the people have been affected by the ongoing insecurity. For this vulnerable population, each day is a struggle to...
The fisheries sector  serves as the main occupation for a lot of women and men in the coastal communities of Ghana. Credit: Naana Nkansah Agyekum/Oxfam
Writen by: Naana Nkansah Agyekum, Media and Communications Lead, Oxfam in Ghana The occupation is often seen as a male dominated area. But a closer look at Ghana's fisheries sector reveals that women play a huge role in making fishing the economic engine of Ghana's coastal communities, where 10...
Visual of the campaign against inequality in Burkina Faso
The fight against inequalities is a priority in view of the presidential elections in Burkina Faso (November 22) and Niger (December 27), thanks to the mobilization of civil society.
Victoria Banks lutte pour la survie de sa famille au Libéria. Crédit : Zwannah Kimber
Après des années de rétablissement suite à la guerre civile au Libéria, Victoria Banks pouvait enfin vivre de l'agriculture. Jusqu'à ce que la pandémie de COVID-19 frappe.
FACT N°4 – Women and girls face the food crisis
Discover how women and girls face the food crisis in west Africa.
We call on world leaders to #CancelTheDebt in developing countries to fight the coronavirus.
Our teams are mobilized on the ground and are working around the clock to adapt our programs to ensure safe humanitarian access and protect the poorest and more vulnerable from COVID-19.
Fatoumata, a women herder in Burkina Faso, fights daily against the effects of climate change and imports of milk powder which reduce the demand for her local milk. Credit: Pablo Tosco / Oxfam
Oxfam in West Africa, 3 July 2019. As massacres and violence intensify in the Sahel, so does the urgency of a response from the states of the region and the international community that prioritizes the fight against inequality.
Discover how we work with people to adapt to climate change and fight for food justice.
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