Gender justice

FACT n°3 – Women and girls face an increase in their vulnerability and gender based violence
Discover the reality of women and girls face an increase in their vulnerability and gender-based violence in West Africa.
FACT N°2 – Women and girls face a limited access to social services
Discover how women and girls face a limited access to social services in West Africa.
West African women facing the Covid: 7 facts & solutions
West African women facing the Covid-19: discover 7 facts & solutions
A women on the move. Credit: Pablo Tosco / Oxfam
Human mobility and resilience in the Sahel, challenges and opportunities.
Marina Moulou-Gnatho is a peace activist in CAR
Marina Moulou-Gnatho, a peace activist in CAR, speaks about the importance of laying down arms and including women in the peace process in CAR.
The Day We Will Dance illustrated by Sophie Le Hire
Meet these strong Sahelian and Central African women who, despite the difficulties, still have the power to imagine the day they will dance.
Naomie Ouedraogo is a woman committed to peace in Burkina Faso
A committed and optimistic woman living in a dramatic security context, Naomie Ouedraogo Bicaba is shaking up traditional thinking to make her contribution to the return of peace in Burkina Faso. And with the coronavirus pandemic, peace is more than ever a question of survival in the country.
A young mother holds her child at the Pissila displacement camp, Sanmatenga province, Burkina Faso. Credit: Sylvain Cherkaoui / Oxfam
In the north and the east of Burkina Faso, over the past year armed groups have devastated villages, leaving many women to face a new destiny.
Mariam is a mother and displaced woman at the PIssila site in Burkina Faso
The study "Survivors and heroines: women in the crisis in Burkina Faso" describes the impact of the conflict on women and looks at their role in strengthening social cohesion and building peace.
Survivors of gender-based and other types of violence learn how to read and write in a literacy class in Central African Republic. Credit: Aurélie Godet / Oxfam
Women's economic rights are continuously violated, and their economic worth remains misunderstood, despite the fact that they produce most of the region’s foodstuffs. Rural women keep facing numerous barriers preventing them from fulfilling their potential as farmers and entrepreneurs. Women’s...


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