Village of Balgouma - district of Kaya - Burkina Faso. Women wait with their jerry cans to fetch water. Credit: Samuel Turpin/ Oxfam
In Burkina Faso, acquiring a reliable supply of drinking water is something that is becoming a challenge. Fleeing the North – currently suffering from a conflict which began 4 years ago – one million of Burkina Faso's inhabitants are now living as displaced people. The movement of people is...
Fatima, IDP in the Sahel region of Burkina Faso. Credit: Cissé Amadou/ Oxfam
The military coup in Burkina Faso late January made headlines. The registration that same month of over 160,000 newly displaced Burkinabé, a near-record high figure, did not. The jump marks the second biggest monthly increase since the humanitarian crisis started in the country over three years ago...
Conflict in the Cameroonian border area of Kousseri has forced more than 82,000 Cameroonian refugees to flee to Chad once again. Oxfam is rolling out an emergency response to improve hygiene and sanitary conditions for these refugees, to limit the risk of illnesses, including coivd-19 and cholera,...
Adam Dicko, activist, executive director of AJCAD-Mali and Sahel superhero. Credit: Sylvain Cherkaoui/ Oxfam
Adam Dicko has been a committed community activist from a very young age and is now the president of the Association des Jeunes pour la Citoyenneté Active et la Démocratie (AJCAD), which promotes democracy and active citizenship of young people in her country, Mali. Over the years, she has been...
In Ouagadougou, people marched for climate justice as COP26 was taking place in Glasgow. Credit: Gery Barbot/ Oxfam
The year 2021 is ending with its share of challenges for the people of West Africa : insecurity, climate change, the food crisis, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of commitment from governments to reduce inequality which has widened the gap between the richest people and the rest...
Plagued by poverty in the Amma IDP site, Achta holds up the ingredients she is cooking for her five children. Photo credit : Mahamat Ibrahim Saleh/ Oxfam
In July 2021, we raised the alarm about the staggering 67% surge in hunger, continuing to be one of the fastest growing hunger crises in the world. Almost 6 months later, 23.7 million people are still in need of immediate assistance in the Sahel and West Africa. If nothing is done, this number...
Crédit : Pablo Tosco/Oxfam
To respond to the growing crises, it is urgent that the Sahelian states and the international community commit themselves to making the fight against inequalities a priority.
A women on the move. Credit: Pablo Tosco / Oxfam
Human mobility and resilience in the Sahel, challenges and opportunities.
Marina Moulou-Gnatho is a peace activist in CAR
Marina Moulou-Gnatho, a peace activist in CAR, speaks about the importance of laying down arms and including women in the peace process in CAR.
Illustration of Tedy in Mali. Credit : Sophie Le Hire
Discover the story of Tedy in Mali as part of the series The Day We Will Dance.


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