Sahel: fighting inequality to respond to development and security challenges

Crédit : Pablo Tosco/Oxfam
Paper author: 
Jean-Denis Crola
Paper publication date: 
Wednesday 03 July 2019

Despite its development potential, the Sahel faces an unprecedented crisis. Today, there is a multifaceted predicament on top of the pre-existing development challenges that the region has been tackling. This has security, humanitarian, and environmental aspects. The crisis also has its roots in the inequality and the strong sense of injustice among the region’s people, particularly the youth. Inequality is profound and is seen in all aspects of life.

The governments of the Sahelian countries and the international community must respond to these urgent problems, making the fight against inequality a top priority. Strong, well-coordinated responses engaging all stakeholders must go beyond the current narrow focus on security, and can result in lasting solutions.

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