Small-scale farming

André, head of the family in a village in Ziniaré (Burkina Faso). Photo credit: Gery Barbot/ Oxfam
The lean seasons come one after the other and systematically catch millions of vulnerable people in the spiral of a hunger crisis to which agricultural policies and emergency assistance provide only approximate and very specific responses. While the trends of the first analyses on the results of...
Inoussa Sawadogo is a farmer in the district of Kaya in Burkina Faso. Photo credit: Samuel Turpin/ Oxfam
Oxfam is urging West African states to double their investment in the agricultural sector to meet their 2014 target and to better support family farms and rural communities in order to break the cycle of hunger. The call comes amid the worst food and nutrition crisis in West Africa in a decade and...
The fisheries sector  serves as the main occupation for a lot of women and men in the coastal communities of Ghana. Credit: Naana Nkansah Agyekum/Oxfam
Writen by: Naana Nkansah Agyekum, Media and Communications Lead, Oxfam in Ghana The occupation is often seen as a male dominated area. But a closer look at Ghana's fisheries sector reveals that women play a huge role in making fishing the economic engine of Ghana's coastal communities, where 10...
Visual of the campaign against inequality in Burkina Faso
The fight against inequalities is a priority in view of the presidential elections in Burkina Faso (November 22) and Niger (December 27), thanks to the mobilization of civil society.
Although Kadidiatou is a milk producer, she can't fulfill the needs of her children. Credit: Géry Barbot/Oxfam
On this World Food Day, we alert on the unprecedented food and nutritional challenges that continue to face West Africa at the end of the lean season.
Victoria Banks lutte pour la survie de sa famille au Libéria. Crédit : Zwannah Kimber
Après des années de rétablissement suite à la guerre civile au Libéria, Victoria Banks pouvait enfin vivre de l'agriculture. Jusqu'à ce que la pandémie de COVID-19 frappe.
African Women's Day: the solutions of 7 West African organizations to 7 realities lived by women in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis
To mark African Women's Day on July 31st, seven West African organizations highlight the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on women in West Africa and their realities, their thoughts and their solutions around 7 priority themes identified, by and for women in the region.
FACT N°1 – Women face disruption to their economic activities
Discover how women face disruption to their economic activities in West Africa.
COVID-19: 50 million people threatened by hunger in West Africa
Oxfam in West Africa, April 21, 2020. COVID-19: 50 million people threatened by hunger in West Africa.
Joshua entretient les panneaux solaires du nouveau système d'irrigation à Kpatua au Ghana., une initiative d'Oxfam.
In West Africa, climate change is a reality and is already having harmful effects on millions of vulnerable people living in poverty. By increasing droughts and floods, accelerating the degradation of natural resources and ecosystems throughout the region, with desertification and coastal erosion...


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